Neighborhoodman – More than a haircutter

Neighborhoodman -More than a haircutter
18×24 Oil on canvas


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In my quest to capture interesting local scenes, I chose to do a painting of our local barbershop. I like how the warm interior light offers a nice contrast with the bleak colors of the covered porch and I love that barber pole. Still commonly used but also old fashioned. The porch is also where, as you can see, the local newspapers are dropped off for distribution.
I can only imagine the conversations that take place in the barbershop.
I based the painting and the title on a poem by Eric L Farrell:


All I need is one chair. Give me one clipper and one mirror
All my sheep need is just one shearer

It took a lot of hard work to build my customer base
When someone would rather wait, I had to pick up my face

“How many heads in front of me?” is what they ask me
You can hit the next chair, but that man can’t match me

The time it takes an average man to run his mile
Is the time it takes me to hook up average styles

I’m a hair cutter, of course, but that ain’t all I am
I’m a counselor. In fact, I’m the neighborhood man

I’m a parent to the fatherless… show love to the heartless
When you’re dealing with a problem, I’m the free psychologist

Come see me on your lunch break / mid-day news update
Opinions or advice just hours before your dinner date

You wanna keep it cut? You gotta keep in touch
I got you that job. So really, I don’t cost too much

Together we build communities. We find immunity
Everyday’s a reunion. I kill hatred with unity

When war came, I just kept on cuttin’
I didn’t close shop. I just kept on duckin’

Because when hard times come, my people need me most
And I need them just as much. I ain’t got no room to boast

Internets can’t duplicate this. My masterpieces fade away
But I’m an artist regardless of what Picasso say

I ain’t Burger King okay, but you can have it your way
So holler at me next week. You know where I stay…

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