Green Free Library

Green Free Library 11x14 oil on canvas Green Free Library
11×14 oil on canvas

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It was a warm and sunny Monday in May when I met with the members of the Open Studio. We were just a small group, May is always challenging to get people to come paint because of gardening and other spring activities. So it was just the four of us and it was so nice out that we decided to not sit in the workroom at the Gmeiner Center for a change but stay outside and do some sketching or painting en plein air.

Right next to the Gmeiner center is the Green Free Library so I thought it would be nice to tackle this beautiful building. All I needed to do was get my plein air stuff out and sit down right next to my car. I kept it loose and added more color, also I moved the bench on the porch a little so you’d see two benches. It was attracted to the reflections of the tree with the red leaves and the reflection of sunlight on the porch. I also wanted to have very little sky to stress a certain coziness.

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