Pot Alley by Day

9x12 potallybyday

Pot Alley by Day
11×14 Oil on canvas

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The first painting workshop I attended was taught by Ron Donoughe. I was so inspired by his street scapes and alleys that a few weeks before the workshop took place, I painted an alley in Wellsboro from a picture. I thought it turned out okay, at the time. The painting no longer exists I think, I probably painted over it after the workshop.
This alley is still very interesting to me because of the colors of the buildings, the power lines and the shadows, so much so that I painted this alley again this year. It definitely turned out a lot better than the first one I did. When I painted this painting en plein air, the chef of restaurant Timeless Destination, who was taking a short break, walked over to see what I was doing and told me about how this alley is known as Pot Alley because of the lively and colorful night live that takes place on Friday nights in this particular alley. I haven’t been able to do that yet but some day I will as I love doing night paintings en plein air. Some time I will be painting “Pot Alley by Night.”

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