Winter Grazing oil painting cows

Winter Grazing

Winter Grazing oil painting cows
Winter Grazing
20×24 oil on canvas

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Cows remind me of my Dutch grandparent’s farm. When I was little, I would often help my grandfather chase the cows to the barn. Late afternoon, we’d walk all the way to the back of the pasture and while waving a hollow plastic pipe, waving our arms and yelling ‘Huuuuuuu’, they would slowly move into the right direction. And while my grandfather and uncle milked the cows I’d sometimes help out or help my grandma in the kitchen.
We had typical hearty home cooked farmer’s meals: Cooked potatoes, creamed spinach and chuck roast, with lots of gravy and applesauce and vla for dessert (boy, do I miss the vla!)
Once, my sister and I where each were given a cow in our care, to train and groom, for a cow show. I remember that it was pretty awesome especially because we won silver medals:-) I actually still have mine!
The cows I painted are local cows here in Liberty. The wet muddy soil and straw reminded me of the soil I used to walk around in on my grandparent’s farm. But the backdrop of this particular scene is definitely more interesting than the flat green and grey color scheme I remember from the old days in the lower lands. And most of the cows at this property are a beautiful rusty brown red instead of black and white.

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