Lazy Afernoon, yaks, cows, oil painting

Lazy Afternoon

Lazy Afernoon, yaks, cows, oil painting

Lazy Afternoon
Oil on canvas
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When I discovered that there’s a yak breeder in Covington, I drove over there quite often to study these yaks. Their shape is so striking and powerful with such beautiful dark rust colors and horns. I love how the sun reflects on their fur. I just had to paint them.  Maybe I’m not only drawn to these type of animals because of the fond memories of helping out on my grandparent’s dairy farm when I was little, maybe it’s also because my Chinese Astrology sign is ‘OX’? ;-).

I tried to make some sketches on the spot but that’s all I could do: try. They may not move a lot but still to much for me to get a finished sketch. I was looking for compositions and study their shapes at the same time and that just didn’t work out. There was no way around it, I had to use the camera. So I took a lot of reference pictures and at home, I put together a composition. I was always taught that it’s best to have an odd number of elements in your composition but somehow, that half a yak on the right could not be missed. (I did practically the same thing with my Winter Grazing painting, see? ) An uneven number of subjects almost always really works but sometimes you just have to break the rules.
I have to say goodbye to this prize winning painting because it is sold and it will be crossing the pond, to the Netherlands. Bye, beautiful yaks!

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