Disco Garage

9x12 Disco garage oil on canvas

Disco Garage
9×12 oil on canvas
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When I visit art galleries I’m always drawn to night paintings, or ‘nocturnes’. I especially love it when warm light sources are used and a sense of coziness is created. I would love to one day have an entertainment/wine and cheese/record player room with lots of nocturnes on the walls. It will be my mom cave:-).
This painting was made at the 62 Hours of Art event in Cameron Mills, NY this summer. 62 Hours of Art was such a fun event: days filled with fun projects with fellow artists of different disciplines and great performances.  This particular scene attracted me because of the different light sources (warm light source outside, less warm inside) but also the color combination of the garage and the grass. And on top of it, I have great memories of the disco party that took place in this garage. It’s so great to know that I’m not the only one with dorky dance moves :-).
I started this scene en plein air when it was already dark (the first nocturne painted on the spot!). An outdoors ping pong tournament took place on the lawn where I was working. I enjoy working in an environment where things are going on. I don’t have to participate but love the atmosphere, the sounds, people being active, laughing, cheering, dynamics.
I finished it when everybody was fast asleep using a small handheld construction lamp. I enjoy this too, it’s like being the last one to leave the ‘office’. The light of this lamp was super cold light so I tried not to rely on it too much but focus on values mostly.

I let it sit on my easel that night and the next morning, I noticed that little flies had created an ‘interesting’ texture. I worked on it a little more, filled in some little gaps and finally I straightened out the texture as much as possible without making it too smooth.
I might put it in my show in March.

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