Winter Sunrise

Early morning on Covered Bridge Road 11x14 oil on canvasWinter Sunrise
Oil on canvas
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This scene just begged to be painted, this particular farm is really only visible and visually appealing for a painting when the sun finally comes over the mountains. Soon the farm will blend in with the trees and then all that you see is the reflection of the sun on some of the roofs. When I planned this landscape I thought to use my newest favorite color combination:Yellow ochre and cobalt blue hue. Yes, not even a pure cobalt. I once ordered this big tube of Classico Cobalt blue light, thinking that it was a pure color. I had no reason to think it was a hue because it didn’t say so in the catalog. Needless to say, I was very disappointed when I received it. But then I started working with this hue -because returning it was going to be a hassle- and I have come to really appreciate it. As a matter of fact, I have since purchased a pure Cobalt blue but find myself reaching for the Cobalt blue hue tube more often instead. It makes for much better sky colors than the pure cobalt and mixes very nicely with Yellow Ochre. In this painting, I’ve brought these two colors together and to me, it really conveys that cold morning winter sun feel. There is something mysterious about this painting: I’ve noticed that when you you approach it coming from the right, the painting feels predominantly cool but when you approach it from the left, the painting feels predominantly warm. Interesting….

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