Landscape aspens October Gold

October Gold

Landscape aspens October GoldOctober Gold
11×14 oil on canvas
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On my property, this group of Aspens held on to their golden leaves  as long as they could. I painted this en plein air and not a day too soon because the next day, almost all of the foliage was gone. I suspect that these trees were able to hang on as long as they did because they are partially protected by the surrounding trees.
It still amazes me that I can call this my backyard. When you follow the path it takes you to a huge field with a beautiful vista (also our backyard). I should really go up there more often, with the kubota tractor and my plein air easel. But being a city girl at heart -and I know many people think it’s ridiculous- I have to confess that I’m afraid of bears. So I don’t like to go there by myself and so I don’t go. Those Aspens, however, are so very appealing and I can imagine that if I make it up there, there will be even more interesting angles to paint them from. This year, I think it will try to get my plein air group to come up there with me. 

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