Cadillac Mountain

Cadillac Mountain 20x24 oil on canvas Cadillac Mountain
20×24 oil on canvas

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Some day, I’d love to spend a full summer and fall painting (and fine dining) in Maine. We took a trip there last summer and had a fantastic time. We visited galleries and enjoyed the food. I especially LOVE the popovers, lobster bisque, lobster rolls at Red’s Eats (though the locals think the lobster rolls from the eatery across the road are just as great-I believe them), mussels, lobster bisque and did I mention those delicious popovers?


We stayed in a charming motel b&b in Bar Harbor and explored Acadia National Park. This is really an amazing and beautiful park. I’ve been to many and I think this is the best one I’ve visited so far. I did a couple of plein air paintings but also made a lot of sketches.  One place where I’d love to paint en plein air is Cadillac Mountain.

Cadillac Mountain is a 1,530 feet tall mountain on Mount Desert Island which is located in Acadia National Park. It’s a very impressive landscape and I’m sure the view from the mountain is breathtaking. The day we were there, however, it was very cold, cloudy and windy and we didn’t have much of a view. But I loved the atmosphere and the colors: Cold light and dark skies that grayed down the color of the rocks.  I made a sketch and took some reference photos to work from back in my studio. I know that this dark and cold feel doesn’t appeal to most people but for me it’s a souvenir and a reminder of a place I want to return to and do a lot of paintings. I can only imagine going up there before sunrise and at sunset. Some day… some day.

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