Ice Play

View from covered bridge road 11x14 oil on canvas Ice Play
Oil on canvas

So this is the painting I was working on when I got distracted by the Family Barns on the right side of this creek. But I’d never painted a partially frozen creek before and really enjoyed giving it a go. I liked the different frozen layers on the edges where snow begins, the little pieces of ice that slowly moved towards the part where the ice had melted completely and where the water was visibly flowing, then went underneath another layer of ice and snow and come out underneath a thin frozen layer again.

I really had fun doing this painting and I kept pretty warm wearing my Joan of Arctic boots and two pairs of gloves. Yes, I wear gloves. I also wear gloves in the summer and int he studio because I’ve had my fair share of turpentine and other chemical exposures from back in the day when I worked at a textile printer and there was this big sink with turpentine in the work area (uncovered), where we cleaned the spatulas. We didn’t wear gloves and at times I was up to my elbows in turpentine. I still can’t believe I did that. So that’s why I wear gloves. And two pairs of them in the winter.

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