Day 30.

“Pure love”
8×10 oil on canvas

Our baby boy held by his cousin, so sweet and so adorable, a perfect composition.
This is my last painting for this challenge. It was more difficult than I thought it would be and I skipped a day, making this really a 30 Paintings in 31 Day Challenge but I’m glad I made it before the end of this month.
It feels great to be back to painting, but it feels even better to know that motherhood can be combined with being an artist. It also feels great to be exhausted because of the hard work that painting really is, instead of being tired because baby keeps us up at night.
I have many people and things to thank for being able to even take on this challenge.
I thank my husband, my mother and sister in law, my niece and nephew, Babywise and the great people at the daycare.
I also really appreciate everyone who followed me, provided me with reference photos even if I haven’t used all of them, cheered me on and supported me throughout this challenge. Thank you so very very much!

I hope you keep following me on my journey because I’m always working on something, like: exhibitions, new paintings, progress pictures and sweepstakes. You will learn all about it by signing up for my newsletter. I only send one out once a month, sometimes even fewer, but you will know what’s going on without having to check my Facebook page, website or blog.
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With appreciation,
Bibi S. Brion

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