Day 1 of the 30 Day Painting Challenge 2016

I had a couple of art-related things on my list I really wanted to do this year and I managed to do most. Before the year ends, however, I still wanted to try to do a painting challenge.
It was a little short notice for my family and myself, I kind of rushed into the decision making, as I usually do but I managed to get 30 stretched canvases gessoed and reference photos ready to go just in time. And my husband will try to help me block out as much time as I need.

I always try to do better each time I paint. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes not so much but every time I paint, I learn something new.
In 2012 I painted the painting on the left. It’s our neighbors barn on a summer morning.
This morning I took a picture of this same barn again to paint from. I know I should do this one en plein air but I’m now so used to working indoors that it’s hard to make the switch on a cold day like today.
Now, as you can see, barns somehow get narrower in the Fall! Very peculiar…
But here it is: Day one of the 30 Day Painting Challenge.
Look for the many differences LOL9x12-out-behind-the-barn-oil-on-canvas-panoramaday-1

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