Day 19

Day 19
I was so tired yesterday and didn’t paint but I did go out with almost 3 year old to take some pictures in town.
I used one scene for today’s painting. I consider this a study for a bigger painting, once I have adjusted some things.
Do you think this could be this year’s Christmas card painting? Yay or nay?

I posted this question also on facebook and got all yays, with suggestions to make it more colorful.
Although I really appreciated the ideas and enthusiasm, I decided against using it for a Christmas card. In fact, I’ve destroyed the painting.
My intention for the painting was for it to not be colorful yet warm but even more importantly, I was aiming for a composition that just wasn’t feasible with the actual scene at hand. I like to stay true to the scene and for it to work the way I had it in my head, I’d have to change too much and make the scene unrecognizable to people that actually know the area. It was not even close to what I intended.

To be continued.

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