Day 23

Day 23 Muzzi
This summer we got a cat, she got pregnant and then we had 6. Boyd named the cutest one Muzzi. When I let the mother in I always say “kom maar binnen, Meissie” (come on in, Girl). Boyd probably thought that sounded cute so he wanted to name the cutest kitten something like Meissie. So Muzzi it was.
Anyway, one day, recently, when Scott took the boys to daycare, something terrible happened. It involved our car and Muzzi, I will spare you the details. The boys didn’t see anything, luckily.
I was angry and heartbroken when I found out. Boyd doesn’t understand it yet and doesn’t seem to notice Muzzi is gone.
Painting this helped me feel a little less sad.
Here he is, our Muzzi under two of his siblings.

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