Day 24

Day 24. Backyards
Posting two paintings today, this one I started yesterday afternoon.
Forgive me for the quality of the photo because the painting is, again, much more crisp then the photo shows.
I painted this scene from a picture I took a couple of years ago and I’ve always wanted to paint it for reasons not many people will probably understand but I was drawn to the overall contrast of the sunlight hitting the houses and the part left in the shadow and the colors and shapes of the roofs. I like that it’s a local scene with lots of details that don’t need to be painted in detail.
I don’t have a lot of challenge painting juice left in me. I’ve skipped too many meals, have experienced chest aches, haven’t seen my kids enough so whatever painting I can finish today will be the last of this year’s challenge. 5 paintings short! I’m too exhausted to feel bad about it,though.
I’m actually quite pleased with the overall result.
I’m brimming with ideas that all seem to want to percolate all at the same time and I only have one percolator so I need some down time.

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