About me



My name is Bibi Snelderwaard Brion. I’m a Dutch native, born and raised in Amsterdam, and moved to Pennsylvania, to live with my husband in 2008. A former rock musician, office job hopper, herb student, columnist for the Williamsport Sun Gazette and occasional self taught oil painter, I’ve been dedicating all of my time to painting since 2012 (until 2014 when we had our first son and 2016 when we had our second son, so I now paint part-time). I continually educate myself and also take workshops to keep improving my skills. I paint en plein air (painting outdoors) as well as in the studio.

Artist Statement

PictureI live out in the country surrounded by old farm lands, a few dairy farms and woods. Our small town has a bank, a holiday market, a post office, a barbershop, a coffeeshop, a restaurant, a Mennonite country store, a few lumber companies, a gas station and an auto repair shop. No red lights.
While city life is my natural habitat and I prefer painting city scenes and people, I appreciate the challenge of finding beauty in my current surroundings. There is something so satisfying about spotting a landscape in just the right light or discovering an interesting building in just the right time of year.
Most of my work can be regarded as recordings of the basic, rough and challenging rural life, beautiful in all it’s ugliness, framed by nature’s luster.
It’s said that every painting, in a way, is a self portrait. I’d say that’s true for me. My work reflects my life and its challenges to find beauty and to feel a connection to my environment. Sometimes a subject I choose is simply appealing for its design, color combination or contrast, sometimes it has elements of my life in the Netherlands, sometimes it’s an ode to an artist I admire, sometimes it’s curiosity about why I’m so intrigued by the sight of a couple of rusty old cars parked in the woods.
But it’s always my goal to improve with every brush stroke, wipe of a paper towel and scraping of my palette knife and to connect to my surroundings and my viewers.
“It is terrible and unbearable to an artist to be encouraged to do, to be applauded for doing his second best. Through all the world goes one long cry from the heart of the artist; Give me the chance to do my very best.”-Achille Papin


Prints of most paintings can be ordered through fineartamerica.com

For more information, commission inquiries and purchasing paintings, you can reach me at: Bsnelderwaardbrion@gmail.com

2016: Workshop by Qiang Huang
2013: Workshop by Ellen Gavin
Workshop by Ron Donoughe
2012: Plein air workshop by Ron Donoughe
2012: Portraits in pastel workshop by Wanda Short
2007: Portrait lessons from Dutch artist Sandra Derks
1998-2000: Graphic Lyceum Amsterdam

2017: Combined Bald Eagle Art League/Clinton County Arts Council juried show, Lock Haven, PA
First place for “Self Portrait/Figure”2016: 43rd Juried Regional Exhibition at the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center in Wellsboro, PA
First place for “My Grandmother”

2016: 27th Annual PA Apple ‘n Cheese Festival in Canton, PA
People’s Choice and Honorable mention for “Bring them home, Libby”
Honorable mention for “Watching Thomas the Train”

2015: 26th Annual PA Apple ‘n Cheese Festival in Canton, PA
First place for “Spring Screening”
Third place for “Neighborhood man, more than a haircutter”

2014: 25th Annual PA Apple ‘n Cheese Festival in Canton, PA
First place for ‘Plank Road”
Honorable mention for ‘A House in the Country’

2014: Williamsport Sun-Gazette building painting contest
Second place for “First Friday”

2013: 24th Annual PA Apple ‘n Cheese Festival in Canton, PA
Best of Show for ‘Lazy Afternoon
Honorable mention for ‘Early Morning on Covered Bridge Road’

2013: 40th Juried Regional Exhibition at the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center in Wellsboro, PA
Third place for ‘Lazy Afternoon’

Debut in 2012: 39th Juried Regional Exhibition at the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center in Wellsboro, PA
Honorable mention for ‘White Onions in Blue Net’



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